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The Genital Warts Treatment That Starts Working Immediately On Those Awful Warts!


100% Natural, Wartscide Works With Your Body, Not Against It

Fed up with the inconvenience, itching and social embarrassment of having genital warts? You're not alone.


Did you know that over 20 million men and women in the USA alone have genital HPV (human papilloma virus) - the virus causing your genital warts symptoms?


If you're sexually active, it's estimated that half or more of you will eventually get the genital HPV virus. While many with this virus will show no signs of infection, the rest of us aren't so lucky. HPV can cause conspicuous genital warts, with some strains actually leading to more serious conditions.


Genital Warts The Stigma & The Reality


If you have noticeable genital warts, there's no getting around it. They can and do turn your social and sex life upside down.


Guys, you especially know what I mean. These genital warts on the penis in men are downright ugly, appearing as either...

  • Soft, raised eruptions,
  • Masses that look like miniature cauliflowers,
  • Smooth or rough & pebbly outbreaks, or even...
  • Warts having small but multiple finger-like projections, especially genital warts on the anus.


In fact, left untreated some genital warts on the penis can grow so large, they can almost cover the entire lower and upper glans. (We'll spare you the very disquieting medical images!)


Even if they don't cause any pain, who wants their partners seeing these genital warts on your body - or you seeing and feeling them each and every day?


And women, you have all the same kinds of genital warts symptoms, even if they are usually more hidden within your labia minora and vaginal opening. But still, you know they're there - and in some of you these genital warts in women can cause maddening itching - or even bleed and discharge during intercourse.


For both men and women, this is NOT the way to go through life.


Is There an Absolute Genital Warts Cure?


In a word - no. A virus isn't like a bacteria. A virus actually injects itself directly into a cell's DNA, becoming part of its unfortunate host.


Once the virus sets in, it's there for life. To date, there is no 100% lasting cure for genital warts in either men or women. While symptoms over time may subside or lessen, even with surgery, the warts can return.


You've probably heard about vaccines that will prevent HPV and genital warts in women or men in the first place. Disregarding any controversy about taking the vaccine, the simple fact is this: It will do nothing for those already infected.


While most treatments focus either on surgically removing or masking the symptoms of genital warts, Wartscide works with your immune system - helping you naturally and safely smother the HPV virus - and experience much wanted and lasting relief from your genital warts outbreaks.


Some Treatments More Dangerous Than Others


Some medical and non-prescription treatments use various acids to help dissolve genital warts in men and women, such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA), bichloroacetic acid (BCA) and even salicylic acid (common aspirin).


While these may be effective - the drawback is obvious. Acids work by burning and destroying the cells. Since the acids can't decide which cells need to go, anything they touch is affected.


Side effects of these acids for treating genital warts include:

  • Swelling where the acids are applied,
  • Skin Tenderness, plus
  • Scarring after the wart has gone. Plus, these types of genital warts preparations can simply burn like crazy!


The other drawback is that you almost always have to see a doctor, which is not only costly, but truly embarrassing!


The All Natural Formulation...
Without Needing A Doctor's Prescription!


While other non-prescription formulations may only temporarily mask your genital warts symptoms, Wartscide™ goes one further... we actually provide a true genital warts treatment for helping your body fight the HPV virus directly.


How do we do this? By combining special bio-botanicals in a proprietary formulation, ingredients known to work synergistically - alleviating both the outward symptoms of your genital warts eruptions, while helping the body suppress the actual HPV virus itself - and eradicate those unsightly, downright nasty genital warts disfigurements.


Did You Know...


Genital warts can occur on or spread to other areas of your body? If you engage in oral sex with an infected partner, genital warts can appear on and in the mouth, as well as the throat. If genital warts do appear deep within the throat, breathing, swallowing, and eating difficulties are all extremely serious complications.


However, simply touching areas affected by genital warts and then touching your mouth can cause these same genital warts to appear in the mucous membranes, even if you haven't engaged in oral sex.


This is why it is imperative you treat your genital warts early on, before they have a chance to spread.


7 Powerful Botanicals & Topical Vitamins
For Treating Both Your Genital Warts Symptoms,
And Attacking & Eliminating The Actual Warts!

Thuja - The Gift From The Red Cedar Tree

Used by the Native Americans, Thuja Oil - derived from the Red Cedar Tree - works on both strengthening the immune system to naturally fight of the HPV virus, as well as helping your body in scavenging the virus-infected cells.


Through these actions, it's thought Thuja does what cauterization and cryosurgery seek to accomplish - but without the resulting tissue damage and pain caused by these more radical methods.


Celandine (Celadonium majus)

Known for literally thousand of years, Celandine is a remarkable herbal remedy. Dioscorides, Pliny and Theophrastos von Eresos all mentioned the use of this amazing botanical for a wide range of discomforts, including the treatment of warts!


Containing proteolytic enzymes, Celandine works to help inhibit the genital wart virus, and according to the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, one of celandine's alkaloids, protoberberine, exhibited antiviral properties.


We also chose Celandine for Wartscide because of its anti-inflammatory actions, working at the cellular level for reducing irritation, helping to sooth and nourish the areas affected by genital warts.


Aloe Vera

Considered by many herbalists to be one of the most impressive botanicals on the planet, this succulent plant has been called "natures own pharmacy" for the wide ranging and effective properties found within its fleshy stalks.


The cornucopia of bio-nutrients within aloe vera are especially suited to soothing and alleviating the itching and burning sensations many people with genital warts experience when applying topical treatments.


Not only does aloe vera excel in reducing any dermal irritations, but its extensively documented skin-healing properties work directly on the warts themselves. In 2006, research in Bosnia reported outstanding results when aloe vera (along with other botanicals) were applied directly to genital warts in women. Their success rate of suppressing the virus was close to 100%.


Tea Tree Oil

This remarkable oil is derived from the Melaleuca Alternifolia shrubs and trees of New Zealand and Australia. Renowned for its skin healing properties, tea tree oil is believed to enhance the body's immune system - helping it to fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Soothing and easing pain in infected areas, one especially important quality of tea tree oil is its ability for penetrating deep beneath the skin's surface, attacking the warts at their roots.


Lavender Oil

This wonderful, calming oil not only has a distinctive, pleasing aroma - but its antiseptic and anti-microbial properties make it an excellent choice for treating a wide variety of skin conditions - warts and genital warts included.


Lavender oil both nourishes and cleanses the skin, enhances the body's natural healing process and helps to prevent scarring - a common effect when warts are removed.


Vitamins A & E

Wartscide rounds out this outstanding formulation with two skin-essential vitamins, A & E. Applied to the genital warts, the combination of these two nutrients promote tissue repair and healing directly on the afflicted areas, while simultaneously helping to reduce irritation.


In fact, Vitamin E is known to help improve circulation, which aids in transporting the other antiviral botanicals to the actual genital warts infection.


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60 Days Unconditional Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction!


Try Wartscide for yourself. Apply as directed. (It's both quick & easy to use!) You should begin to experience almost immediate relief from most of your genital warts symptoms.


Now of course, each person is different, and your genital warts may be more progressed or stubborn than others. In advanced and very specific cases, it may take more than 72 hours before you start to notice progressive signs of relief.


Then, as Wartscide works with your body in fighting off the HPV virus, you'll see those warts reduce, fade and finally vanish - leaving you genital wart free!


That's why we have no hesitation at all in offering you this 100% no questions asked guarantee of complete satisfaction.


If for whatever reason Wartscide hasn't dramatically reduced or even totally eliminated your genital warts problem, let us know within 60 days - 2 full months.


We'll refund your money. No hassles. No quibbles. No delays.


All we ask is that you give Wartscide an honest try.


Fair enough?


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We well understand having genital warts is not easy. The last thing you want is advertising it to the world.


When we ship Wartscide to your doorstep, rest assured our parcels are nondescript and plain - with no marks, features or trade names that could attract curiosity or let anyone know what's inside your package.


Your privacy, along with your health and well being, are paramount to us.


Ready to finally take control over your genital warts problem? Then order Wartscide today - it's one decision you won't regret making. We promise you.


Order Wartscide™ Today!


Wartscide™ - Is It Right For You?


As you've read, Wartscide is a 100% pure, all natural formulation. It is not a drug or prescription application. It's also definitely not a cure, because as stated above, there is no definitive cure for genital warts in men or women. Anyone or any product saying differently is simply playing fast and loose with the facts.


We believe in Wartscide. If you are suffering from the stigma and embarrassment of genital warts on your penis, genital warts on your anus, genital warts on your labia or vaginal walls we urge you to try this powerful, safe product.


Please understand Wartscide is not intended to take the place of your physician's care or advice. But it can be your first line of defense, helping to make certain whether a doctor's visit is warranted or not. Even if you're under a physician's care for your genital warts, ask him or her about Wartscide and our ingredients. They may well approve of it as a supplement to your current therapy.


However, we do offer this advice: If you are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or breastfeeding, please make sure you consult with your primary care physician before you take any genital warts treatment or formulation - including ours. Likewise, if you are under 16 years of age, please consult with a health care medical professional.


Order Wartscide™ Today!


Thuja Officiallis is the main active ingredient in Wartscide, Thuja has been used for centuries to remove warts and it's listed in all important Homeopathical Compendia:USA, France, India, Russia, Germany.


Another active ingredient present in Wartscide is Chelidonium (Greater Celandine). In Russia, as well as other countries, they use Celandine as an herbal aid to remove warts, papillomas, and other skin growths because it is an anti-viral and works by destroying wart cells. After several years of research and testing, we incorporated these two powerful ingredients into our formulation for genital warts.


Vitamin A and Vitamin E are also present in Wartscide as well as the soothing and healing properties of Aloe Vera.






"Parcels are plain with no mark or feature that could attract curiosity or could lead to identification of contents"





Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does Wartscide work?

A: Wartscide is a formulation of natural ingredients plus essential oils that have been extensively studied for a long period of time and have been found to possess qualities that fight stubborn growth of warts and supporting your natural immune system. This special combination of effective and natural genital warts treatment targets the root to make sure they won't be growing back again. This prevents outbreaks and the spread of warts to other parts of the body. Once the formula touches these warts, it will turn white then black in a matter of days until they fall off.


Q: What makes Wartscide different from all the other genital warts treatments or wart removers?

A: Wartscide utilizes the wart zapping power of Thuja and Chelidonium (Greater Celandine)-- two natural ingredients that homeopaths have used for many years as a antidote for genital warts. They are both effective on treating and eliminating  all types of warts and best of all, they are herbal.Wartscide works wonders on warts on face, verrucae, condiloma and it is very effective if you want to get rid of planters warts.


Q: I have sensitive skin, will Wartscide give me skin irritation?

A: We formulated our treatment to be as gentle as possible, this is why we picked the best yet most gentle ingredients that could target warts. Our formula is for genital warts that is why we want our product to be safe for use especially on the sensitive areas of the body. We do not use toxic chemicals and prior to development of the product, we made sure to extensively research on the ingredients in Wartscide to ensure your safety.Wartscide atacks what causes warts, not just the symptoms.


Q: How long will I wait before Wartscide to take effect?

A: You won't have to wait for long because our formula starts working within 72 hours after application. You may notice the change of color of the wart from flesh to white. After a couple more applications it will turn gray to black, which is the final stage of the wart eliminating process.Wartscide really works, it is not a home remedy for genital warts...


How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally


There is no cure for the HPV virus but there are many ways to get rid of genital warts. Most products for the treatment of genital warts or genetal warts are designed to just remove the warts, Wartscide is the best way to remove warts, Wartscide attacks in two areas: It removes the warts and at the same time empowers your immune system to fight future outbreaks. As your organism starts to fight sucessfully possible HPV outbreaks by itself they tend to get less powerful and the time between them also tends to get longer, in some cases two or three years.

Genital Warts Removal


For the purpose of relieving psychological distress from their presence and sometimes it may even cause pain, genital warts can be cirurgically removed but this process is expensive, painful, will leave scars and give you no guarantees that the warts will not return. Other way of removing warts treatment treatments with Salicylic Acid, Cryoterapy and Laser but these options are also painful and might not last long. Natural Based formulas are currently being appointed as the most efficient genital warts treatment and the best way to remove warts considering medium to long term benefits and a reputable natural based warts removal as Wartscide will not disappoint...