Genital Warts Treatment using Traditional Chinese Medicine


In Asia and here in the West, people are very concerned about the appearance of their skin, mostly women and they are extremely  careful about it especially with the skin of face and hands. It is a very common sight, mainly Japanese and Korean tourists wearing gloves and a hat, no matter the place or the temperature. Their hands and  face have to look immaculate.
Needless to say that warts are a constant nightmare for Asian women as they are for men since we all know that warts, in special, genital warts are contagious and the odds of a man infected with HPV get a girlfriend are very slim ...

Chinese families have developed some home remedies to remove warts and the traditional Chinese Medicine also has some very peculiar methods to remove warts and to treat genital warts.

For topical treatments they use a cypress which is also used here in the West called Thuja.The tincture or extract of this plant is taken and applied to the warts and if possible covered with a bandage. The treatment should be repeated daily until the wart falls.

Green Tea is also used for centuries as a beverage but not in the form of tincture or extract. Only recently the western medicine began to take Green Tea seriously and the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) registered one of its components called Catechin as a remedy for wart and for genital warts treatment . One of the pioneers using this plant and the most famous genital wart remover using green tea catechin as an active agent is a cream called Oxyfend from

Chinese medicine in turn has always understood that ta wart is not just a lump and a healthy diet, exercise and hygiene are fundamental precepts to avoid and to prevent warts. For eight thousand years the Chinese have bothered to keep the body's natural antibodies in good shape to avoid contamination or to control outbreaks.

Traditional Chinese medicine has two basic methods to get rid of warts. The first is by burning the seed of a plant called Moxa. A trained practitioner will burn a corn of  Moxa on the wart just and it should release the wart and its root. In addition to theextreme pain, this method may lead to accidents which can leave unsightly burning scars perhaps even more ugly than the warts. This Moxa method can not be used as a genital warts treatment but if you want to know how to get rid of planters warts… it might be an option.

Another method is acupressure which is a form of removing warts pushing and pulling it out whole. Honestly, I see this  method with some suspicion, however it is recorded in several books on Chinese medicine and alternative treatments for genital warts.

The best way to get rid of warts is to avoid them and if it's not possible or if you are already late for that, remember that warts are body reactions to the HPVv irus, and they can come back ... so, keep your immune system in good shape to prevent possible outbreaks or to keep them under a tight control.

Whenever possible choose a natural based wart treatment  because they are easily absorbed by the body and normally do not cause side effects.

A good product for the treatment of genital warts is Wartscide as it helps to balance the immune system and also has vitamin A and E in their composition. They are good skin  healers and help on the prevention of  scars.

Remember that home remedies for genital warts and condilomas were created because there were no doctors or medicines available, they can be dangerous and in most cases are inefficient.Provided you choose the right treatment, genital warts removal can be simple.

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