The Best way to Remove Warts

Did you notice some flesh colored growth in your genital area this morning? If you did then in all probability you have been affected by genital warts. These warts are also referred to as venereal warts, general warts and the scientific name they are known is condyloma acuminata. The warts are actually the representation of a very common sexually transmitted disease and what causes warts is a virus. The virus is called human papillomavirus (HPV).

Mostly general warts are caused by HPV types 6 and HPV 11 and are low risk. However, some types of HPV virus in women can be extremely serious as genital warts in women caused by HPV types  16, 18, 31 and 45 are high risk and may lead to cervical cancer. This is the reason why genital warts treatment and quick warts removal is important.

Home Remedies for Genital Warts:

Looking after yourself starting at home:  The primary reason for this is these warts are usually noticed without any previous signs of symptoms and they spread on the same way. This makes home and personal care very important. The first step to treat genital warts at home is recognizing them and make sure you will not transmit warts to any one around you. So, to treat warts at home you should:

1) Take care to prevent any kind of trauma in the area affected by the warts and on the venereal warts themselves as some types of warts can be painful and bleed profusely.

2) Be careful and take steps to avoid the transmission of the warts to your relatives and to your sexual partner. Genital warts are transmited by skin friction, not necessarily sexual, for instance sharing underware , the garment can carry the virus.

3) The warts are infectious and spread easily. So do not touch, prick or squeeze them.

Can Genital warts be Cured?

Some products make a relatively effective genital warts treatment. However, there is no known cure for genital warts and what most remedies for warts do is to work on genital warts removal only not addressing the HPV virus itself and as warts are recurrent, your chances of having them back on the same spot are strong.
Remember, before applying any medicine consult a doctor.

The most popular home remedies for genital warts are:

1) Resin of Podophyllum  Hexandrum- This plant is poisonous but when professionally processed it has medicinal properties as inhibitor of tumor grow and as any poison, it  should only be topically applied on by a practitioner as side effects can be harmful.

2) Salicylic Acid – It has a high rate of genital wart removal by chemically burning it. Salicylic Acid for warts removal can cause serious damage to your skin and perenial scars. Some people apply it at home, but again, its risky.

Both genital wart removal processes above do not address the HPV virus itself and won't prevent the warts from returning.

The Best Way to Remove Warts

Natural genital warts treatment is quite effective in getting rid of the warts naturally and empowering your immune system to fight an HPV outbreak from the very beginning, when it is feeble and easily suppressed.  A good natural treatment for general warts will work in two areas at the same time. It will remove the warts using its active ingredients and should also empower your body to fight possible future outbreaks.

What makes a good genital warts treatment: Besides more than one active ingredient, it  should have vitamins and a soothing element to help the skin to heal gradually and properly avoiding scars.
Once your organism starts to interact with the natural treatment for warts it will start fighting outbreaks by itself and they will space up for, in some cases,  up two two years and a will also gradually start losing potency

However you should keep in mind that there is no single cure for warts. It is not possible to definetly eliminate it once it has occurred. The best treatments for warts are the natural treatments as they are:

-     effective on short to long term,
-    they do not harm you,
-    they usually do not have side effects,
-    they can be applied safely and privately 

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