What You Should Know about Warts on Face

This information is about the causes of warts on face and different types of face warts.

What are warts?

They are infections on the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). So far, there is no cure to this infection. There are different types of skin infection like common warts, flat warts, which normally appears on the face. Flat warts are small and smooth, appearing around the eyes, mouth and nose. Some warts disappear with treatment while others might lead to serious skin infections. Hence, warts are non-cancerous skin infections. 

How to Remove Facial Warts


Most people who have warts on the face are unattractive. These causes low self-esteem and they are embarrassed when in a crowd. If you have been suffering from facial warts, there are some good wart removal products and some home remedies for warts  and steps to follow to remove them.

There are commercial ointments that you cal apply on your affected  face and the best are the natural formulation as they remove the warts naturally avoing scars.

The acid in these ointments wears away the affected skin and layers until they disappear. They come in different forms like gel, cream, liquid or pads. Follow the prescribed directions.
Try at-home cryosurgery kits. This is the same with what doctors use in their clinics. Liquid nitrogen in this kit helps to freeze off your wart.
You can use aspirin, which you can buy it from drugstores. Use water to dissolve tablets then apply that mixture to the wart. Repeat the procedure at least three times a day.
Using natural acids is the best method to remove warts on face. Apply it once or twice in a day. Use lemon juice, vinegar, and grapefruit juice or apple cider.
Use essential oil, which removes facial warts. Some of this are lemon balm, which has citric acid, tea tree or birch oil.
You can see a doctor if you have tried many methods and the wart does not disappear.

What causes warts on face?

There are different types of warts and each type is caused by different HPV viruses. Most warts disappear on their own but some need medical treatments. When you realize that your wart is painful, spreading to other parts of the body, or becoming larger even after taking precautions, you should see your doctor. Freezing, infrared, laser treatments, salicylic acid, topical creams, and surgery methods can be used to treat warts and there some natural based formulas which are currently being the most popular option on how to remove warts naturally.

Flat warts are mostly caused by HPV 3, 10, 28 and 49. Medical specialists call it Verruca plana. They occur in large numbers especially in afflicted areas. They are painless, yellowish, and brownish and some are skin colored. This type of wart has caused embarrassment and pain in most patients. Treat them with salicylic acid or laser treatments. If not treated quickly, they can spread fast. Filiform warts affect lips and eyelids; they are narrow, long and are thread-like in shape. Unlike flat warts, filiform warts do not occur many times and treatment is simple.

Warts Prevention

Wash your hands and face to minimize the risks of getting facial wart especially if you have sensitive skin. Avoid sharing things like towels, and avoid touching other people’s affected face. If you already have warts on face, do not disturb them by picking.

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