What are Warts


Warts, genital warts: Why is it when the mention of the word pops up that people with warts naturally think they are going to die? Is there a deadly type of genital warts? If you mean are they noted for killing people, then no is the answer to this question. However, depending on the disorder/disease in question if complications happen then it would be difficult for anyone to give a guarantee on the outcome.

What do genital warts look like? This is a good question to ask and one that tells me you or someone you know has spotted or felt something unusual around the vagina/anus to give you reason for concern, and hopefully want to do something about.

As it goes for all health matters the earlier the problem is treated the better the chances of a quick and easy cure. The longer a problem is allowed to be a problem then it may take stronger medication and time to make things better.

If you suspect genital warts are present and embarrassed to tell the doctor, then do not be. It is a common condition that doctors treat on a daily basis.

What are Warts: In medical terms genital warts are called  “Condyloma acuminata” or ”venereal warts”, and usually look like small fleshy growths or bumps on the skin. More on this below because warts can differ from what is considered usual?

Because venereal warts are a viral condition, meaning, not caused by bacteria, antibiotics may not treat the warts effectively.

What causes warts: The sexually transmitted infection is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts grow in clammy warm tissues of the vulva, vagina and cervix in women.

In males the warts are likely found on the tip or on the shaft of the penis. Warts might surface around the anus also. Warts can happen in the mouth and throat if oral sex is included.

Genital warts or its misspelled variations: Genteal Warts or Genetal warts; are indeed a part of our society, and we all need to be aware of this.

Awareness: Not all warts look the same.

For example, some genital warts look like a raised bump or maybe a small irritable rash. While other types of warts look bigger and appear in the shape of a cauliflower. As a rule they look like small white or pink bumps. Some patients show raised growths, while others, flat. Some come across like eruptions, or red and severe rashes.

Men with HPV virus see genital warts either on the scrotum, on the tip of the penis, the anus and maybe the urethra. Them located on the penis head typically feel smooth, but this alters fro those around the anus, which might feel rougher. Some warts are shiny and glisten. Warts can be hard to find specialty if a single one is itching behind pubic hair, and this is why a regular self-examination is important.

Female genital warts look pretty much the same to those men have. The only difference is they commonly develop around the vagina because of it being moist. The warts to touch in this spot might feel like tiny gritty growths. They are known for causing pain, but can feel itchy and uncomfortable. If warts site on the outer layers of the vagina, then it is vital for a gynaecologist to take a look and make sure no other growths are on the inside of the cervix, or vagina. Particular virus types in women can possibly lead to cervical cancer. There is a strong connection between HPV types 16 and 18 and cervical cancer.


Do you smoke? Then stop because warts persist longer in smokers.

Do not treat genital warts with wart lotions created for those on the hands.

Make an appointment with the doctor or medic at a genitourinary medicine clinic where they will also do tests for other types of infections.

The HPV virus cannot be cured completely, but the warts can be removed.

Be prepared for warts to return. 30% of people will after a few weeks or months get the warts back. Treatments do destroy the warts, but unfortunately cannot remove the virus from inside the skin.


Recently  natural based products have been growing on the preference of those fighting warts. Reasons are: They are effective and usually do not have side effects, they cost less than OTC medications and some natural based products performance rank better than traditional medicine.
Traditional medications are formulated to remove the warts, just it. They to not attack the virus.
The best remedy for warts will not just remove the warts but shoal also empower your immunologic system to fight future outbreaks.

Wartscide is a combination of plant extracts that comes in liquid. It is applied twice daily for 7 days, followed by a break of 2 days. The process is repeated until the warts have gone.
The treatment works by removing the wart and also stimulating the body’s own immune system to fight future outbreaks. It normally takes 8 weeks of treatment for women and men, 12, but it can be used for up to 4 months and should not be used by kids, pregnant women or during the breastfeeding period.

A common practice to get rid warts is called Cryotherapy. It includes freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen. How much liquid nitrogen would depend on the size of the warts? Providing there are no complications, healing takes between one to three weeks. Discomfort afterwards is tolerable and include:


Slight pain



Following Cryotherapy for external warts and you experience the symptoms below call your doctor:




Yellowish discharge

Severe pain

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